The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse

The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse

By Michael Gungor

  • Release Date : 2012-08-30
  • Genre : Art & Architecture
  • FIle Size : 42.57 MB
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The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse "We are all creators. Whether or not we create is not up to us. We are human, and creating is what we do. Every interaction, movement, and decision is creativity at work. We are all artists. We all order creation around us into the world that we want to make."--Michael Gungor

In The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse, Michael Gungor takes an uncompromising--and humorous--look at our creative selves and the world that we have fashioned around us. Through story and reflection, Gungor shows how our deepest beliefs and assumptions about the universe affect how we order creation.

An award-winning, globetrotting musician, Gungor also reveals his personal journey as an artist and creator, a tale of moving from innocence to wisdom, from simplicity to complexity and back again, a tale of leaving home and
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  • Inspiring, creators should read this!

    By Jon Head
    “Our best creators will always be at least a little at odds with the crowd. The crowd has its rules, and it will be very loud and adamant about these rules because without rules, the crowd’s culture couldn’t exist. But sometimes there are rules that ought to be bent or broken.” This is a great book about art, roots, voices, beauty, faith, doubt, and work. There’s a lot in there to take from it, trust me. Right now I’m on my second read-through, and it’s inspiring new ideas and thoughts in me already. But I thought I’d write about a couple of things that really stood out to me, especially as a musician and songwriter. One of the things that really hit me was the point that in our Western culture we have become numb. We live in a world of entertainment, constant stimulation, and noise. We want to be impressed, shocked and surprised, and quickly… and we expect and consume so much, to the point of excess, that we really have become numb to real beauty and the power of art. We rarely just stop… and listen… and appreciate something fully. We just let everything wash over us. It’s a pretty important thought for us all – and there’s a great line near the end that encourages us to “practise being fully present with something… take the time to really attend to a meal, a good book, a piece of music, or a sunrise. The point is to be fully present, to not be swept up into the distraction of a thousand voices, but to learn how to simply and fully attend to one.” One of the biggest messages of the book is to look at the things that are driving you as a creator. What is your creativity rooted in? Is it a desire to be seen and appreciated, a desire for financial gain, a desire to please the crowd? Or is it a passion to just create great art? It’s so easy to slip into creating for the wrong reasons, out of impure motivations. And sometimes we may have to create for those reasons – but they never result in great art. Great art comes from a deeper place. I highlighted this line - ‘Good art demands a fight.’ I love that. It takes a level of intentionality and dedication, even if you never receive recognition for it. Anyway, this is a seriously encouraging and inspiring bit of reading, especially if you consider yourself an artist of any kind. It’s honest, genuine, hilarious, open, not trying to be pretentious or lofty, but very down-to-earth and refreshing to read. I would seriously suggest you check it out… it will challenge you to doubt your assumptions and question your motives, refresh you and remind you of why you do what you do, and inspire you to try something new and create something great. Which is something we all need!